Review: Twigger’s Holiday

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Twigger’s Holiday
Slow January Records

Street: 08.07


I picked up this gem of a DVD just because the dude who made it had some sort of affiliation with Sarah Silverman (he did something with her show). I knew to expect something hilariously bizarre but not what I actually received from this DVD. The DVD is five episodes from an internet short called Twigger’s Holiday that premiered sometime in 2004. It’s about a hippie who acts like he is a tween and has surreal experiences with his robot-puppy-type thing (who also fucks mothers). There are hot moms, a devil of a father, teenage angst, homosexual anxiety and best of all … Charlie Brown-loser-mentality pervading the whole story! While it is highly entertaining to watch someone’s creativity run rampant, it’s a bit juvenile in the sense that it is over-acted, charmingly annoying and totally low-budget. Despite all the things that I want to hate about this DVD, I actually really like it. If you like high school camera action gone WILD or gay jokes, hell, get this DVD or find the episodes online for a test run. P.S. The extras are the best part of the DVD because you see the director Rob Schrab make an ass of himself at an awards ceremony. -Erik Lopez