Review: Wonder Showzen Season II

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Wonder Showzen Season II
Augenblick Studios

MTV Home Entertainment
Street: 10.10

The idea to use puppets as the faceplate for social commentary is not a new idea by any means. Even the Muppets, in their Jim Henderson soaked sub-world, had things to say about social structure and sexual roles (i.e., independent Miss Piggy chasing down Kermit). What Wonder Showzen brings to the table is the experience of the tempestuous decade that has brought us enormous tragedy, shoddy leadership and insecurity around the world. The people at Wonder Showzen have digested all of this and use the voice of children and puppets to proclaim what is wrong with the world. What they do leave out is any responsibility for their actions, almost as a mirror to the current social climate and leadership in the supposed greatest country on earth. What is great about Wonder Showzen is that even though it is completely offensive, crass and unfocused, there are underlying themes to every episode. The big question is: Are they doing it on purpose or not? – Andrew Glassett