Monday night was one to remember—or perhaps not, depending on how much you had to drink. Red Rock opened their doors to SLUG Magazine and many more beer lovers to try out four vintage beers from their Rêve private reserve. We drank, we ate and we drank some more as glass upon glass was filled and refilled with Rêve beer from 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015. While the details became a little hazy towards the end, the event was spectacular all around.

We continue to watch as a masterpiece of art is performed right in front of our eyes. Photo: Talyn Sherer

The night of all nights so far in 2016 came in the form of a collaboration between some of the best local brew and Salt Lake City’s most graceful dancers. As if ballet could be any more amazing to watch, the creative geniuses behind Epic Brewery and Ballet West decided to host one of the best times of my life. The intricate blend of food, beer and ballet mixed together so well that I still find myself spinning in circles thinking about it, as though I was one of the dancers performing an unending pirouette.  All my senses were engaged throughout the night, even to the point of satiating my belly the delicious food provided by Le Croissant Catering. Regardless of attendees’ affinity or lack thereof for ballet, there wasn’t a single person who left without a smile by the end of the night. I could think of no better venue to host such an event than Capitol Theatre, where its modern upgrades married so well with the historical aspects of the crown molding and chandeliers that we have all come to know and love.  If you are just now hearing of this event, you need to stop what you’re doing, open a new tab on your browser and head over the Capitol Theatre‘s website and pick up tickets to this week’s performance of The Nijinsky Revolution.

A gorgeously sunny Sunday afternoon in Salt Lake City was the ideal time to get together to enjoy food and music. “Beer, Blues and Brats” is a fun, down-to-earth fundraiser for Crossroads Urban Center, advocates for the state’s low-income population. “It’s a small but spirited fundraiser,” explains Glenn Bailey, Crossroads Urban Center Executive Director. The City Creek locations of Harmons Grocery supplied the brats; J. T. Draper Band brought the blues, Epic Brewing Company covered the final B—beer.

Check out the rest of Amanda Rock’s writeup of this deliciously charitable event!

Salt Lake City’s second annual Eat Drink SLC kicked off at the Tracy Aviary on Thursday night as I felt a rush of endorphins take over my body thinking about last year’s incredible experience. This event gathers the best food of the valley as they join forces with domestic winemakers to produce a sold-out event that keeps you coming back for more. We drank, we ate and we nearly got our heads taken off by an angry vulture, all within the beautiful setting of the Tracy Aviary. From the people to the food to the sun setting over the trees of Liberty Park as your buzz finally starts to set in, it all ties together for one memorable night. If these words have not convinced you enough to save your pennies for next year’s event, then let me close by saying this: There are over 20 wineries sampling out several varieties of their vino, paired with several local breweries and distilleries, and all accompanied by some of the best food you could find from far and wide in the Salt Lake Valley. I challenge you to try and resist an event such as this come next year.