Beer Review – July 2008

You Cold-Hearted Bitch (an ode to my ex and lagered beers) The lager is an age-old tradition created by some of the world's best breweries and also destroyed by massive shit-corporations like Coors and the evil empire of Anheuser-Busch. The typical lager beer is brewed in cooler temperatures using slow-acting yeast, and followed by a period of time where it is untouched in colder temperatures to achieve a smooth taste. Luckily for us Utahns, we have a decent selection of lager craft brews to choose from.

Viennese Lager Brewery: Bohemian Brewery
A.B.V.: 4 r> Average price: $3.75
Size: Pint / Growler / Pitcher
Rating: ****
Description: This is by far my favorite lager in the state. This brew is a soft amber color, with a decent foamy white head and is only poured on tap. The light malty scent is followed by the smallest amount of caramel. Hoppier than your typical Vienna lager, this well-crafted beer still has a great malt complex and finishes like a champ.

Overview: Proudly boasting the most difficult brewing process in state, the Bohemian Brewery has some of the hardest working brewers in the state. Brewing behind the rules of Reinheitsgebot (The German Purity Law), this brewery only brews with four ingredients in their beer: hops, barley, water and yeast. I recommend this brewery to anyone thinking about stepping outside their typical drinking habits of Pabst and Busch. The Viennese could not be a better place to start; I could not talk this brew up more.

Where to Find: This brew can be easily found at Bohemian Brewery's location in Murray, The Bayou, Brewvies and some random pubs across the valley.

Devastator Brewery: Utah Brewers Cooperative/Wasatch
A.B.V: 8.0 r> Average price: $1.35
Size: 12 oz bottle
Rating: ***
Description: This new brew out of the Utah Brewers Cooperative is pretty fuckin' heavy and does the job right. The thin, receding head went away pretty quickly and left a deep copper clear brew. The aroma reveals light caramel notes, hints of a vanilla sweetness and a faint aromatic feel of alcoholbut not enough to overwhelm you. Crisp and warming, it has a sweet malty/caramel body that is followed by a complexity of spices and nutty accents.

Overview: With artwork as killer as this, designed by Levi Lebo, I think I had more fun looking at this brew than I did drinking it. As much as I love having these bigger beers come out of Utah, I love it more when they stick to the style that they claim. All in all, I recommend giving it a shot and trying it for yourself. Where to Find: Found at our LDS donation clinics commonly called "liquor stores," it can also be found at Wasatch Brew pubs and lately a handful of private clubs.

Munich Lager Brewery: Desert Edge
A.B.V.: 4.0 r> Average Price: $3.75
Size: 12 oz bottle
Rating: ****
Description: A new summer favorite of mine from Desert Edge, their Munich Lager pours a soft honey-gold color with a nice frothy head. The aromatics a small bit of German hops compliment the taste. The flavor is rounded and crisp with a decent amount of sweet malts, leaving a soft and subtle finish.

Overview: Brewers like Chris Haas give me hope that my "brewers of Utah" trading cards I want to release will sell like crazy. Desert Edge is the place to go for some quality Utah brew and this Munich Lager is a great way to kick off the Summer Solstice. Where to Find: This beer has only been spotted at the Desert Edge pub.