Beer Reviews – August 2008

When it comes to wit bier, everyone's first thought is Blue Moon. But, because I have a palate that refuses to digest fecal matter and rotting fruit, I felt the need to produce a line-up of reviews of decent Belgian wits that are locally grown and actually taste like they should. Light in body, your typical wit bier is hazy (due to the wheat and the unfiltered brewing process) and packs some aromatics of fresh oranges, coriander and a blend of spices left to the brewers discretion. Although the concept of brewing Belgian beers in Utah is a slow growing revolution, the wit beir is a perfect place to start for beginners getting into drinking this style of brew.

Squatter's Wit
Brewery: Utah Brewers Cooperative / Squatters
Abv: 4 r> Average Price: $14.99
Serving Style: Summer Sampler Pack
Rating: ****
Description: With a very light, hazyyellow pour, this brew is packed with carbonation and a nice fluffy white head. Lighter in aromatics than your standard wit, this one still surprised me with a combination of lemon/orange zest, yeasty notes and a fair amount of coriander. The palate of this brew only complements the aromatics, but finishes with a pleasant amount of malts and bitterness to polish it off. Overview: "The Brohas of Brew" the Cooperative have yet to produce a beer that I would not drink. Working outdoors in the 100 weather of this desert we call home, this could not be better thirst quencher. In comparison to their recent batches of this brew, this is the best to date. While I would like a bit more spice in the finish, this beer could not be any better for the casual and the hedonistic drinker to enjoy.
Where to Find: Found on tap at most Squatters locations, almost every grocery store and of course, the lovely Utah Beer Store.

Brewery: Four + Brewing / Uinta
Brewing Company
Abv: 4 r> Average Price: $7.99
Serving Style: 12 oz bottle / Six- Pack
Rating: ***
Description: The newest brew out of the Four + Brewing Company has hit just in time for the summer season. This brew pours crystal clear with a nice foamy head. I know you are thinking... "but Tyler, I thought you said wits were unfiltered and hazy?" Well fuck you, the boys over at Uinta, in their genius, decided that filtering their wit would help ease you out of your shitty drinking habits of Blue Moon. With a decent amount of carbonation, this wit gives off the least bit of orange, coriander and caramel malts with a nice malty dry finish.
Overview: The brewers over at Uinta have put this brew through more changes than the Book of Mormon to meet your needs. So, if you are looking for a well-brewed alternative to supporting massive brewing corporations (fuckinpieceofshit Blue Moon), start drinking some Rype! Also, for some non-drunken rants on this brew, tune into some local "Home Brewing Perspective" podcasts to listen to their "what are you drinking" segments. http://www.homebrewingperspectives. com
Where to Find: Find it on tap over at the Uinta Brewing Company and six-packs are scattered throughout the valley's grocery stores.

Bee Sting Wit
Brewery: Hoppers
Abv: 4 r> Average Price: $3.75
Serving Style: Pint
Rating: ***
Description: Pouring a very light yellow, this wit is rich in coriander aroma and mixed with a touch of tart-bitter oranges. The flavor is a malty complex of bitter oranges, grassy hops and a mouthful of carbonation. The overall finish really just makes you want more. Overview: A decent brew from Hoppers, this beer is something to look forward to next summer. I wish I could have given you a brew you could get immediately, but be sure to throw this guy on your radar for its next go-around. This brew may be full on carbonation, but a touch watery in body/taste so I was "forced" to drink multiples to get a complete grasp.
Where to Find: This beer is only found on tap at Hoppers Bar & Grill in the early summer.