Beer Reviews – January 2009

Let’s face it, the only way to get through the winter months is to drink profuse amounts of alcohol. So the new line up is going to be anything above your standard percentile of alcohol to keep you warm in the winter months. Hopefully, this will introduce you to new styles, the art of aging beer and hopefully leave you with a killer hangover. With the higher alcohol, please do your best to kick off the new year. And since this is SLUG, we don’t need to tell you to drink responsibly …

Anniversary Barley Wine
Brewery: Uinta Brewing Company
Abv: 9.8 r> Average Price: $1.94
Serving Style: 12 oz bottle
Rating: ****

Description: Out of the bottle this pours the color of rich ruby-brown with a thin, tan-colored head. The aromatics are abundant in citrus hop character with some subtle fruits and deep malt sweetness alongside the definite presence of alcohol. The taste is a deep complex bitter that leads you into a mild malt backbone of sweetness that finishes with strong alcoholic warmth.

Overview: For those of you who are not familiar with the style of barley wine, here is a little update: The barley wine is known for its higher than usual alcohol content and generally maintains a firm, malty flavor with a decent amount of bitterness. Due to its higher alcohol content, this style of beer is one that needs to be aged. There is no doubt about it, this one is going to need some age. Otherwise, it is showing great potential of aging, so I encourage you to buy up some bottles and stash them where you hide your bong for a year or so.

Where to Find: Only found at your forced tithing warehouse. (DABC Liquor Store)

Anniversary Winterfest
Brewery: Utah Brewers Cooperative / Wasatch label
Abv: 7.1 r> Average Price: $1.34
Serving Style: 12 oz bottle
Rating: ****

Description: This brew pours a deep caramel color with a creamy off-tan head. The aroma is perfect for any hop lover to enjoy, with a huge citrus and floral (Columbus and Amarillo) bomb in the front, followed by a sweet caramel malt finish. The taste is pretty straightforward hop presence with sweet malt characteristics and a really light finish.

Overview: This is definitely a new favorite seasonal from the crew over at the co-op. For those of you who really like hoppy beers, this is one to look out for. The finish to this beer was a touch weak due to its thin body, but it does leave you asking for more. The great caramel backing with some firm hop characteristics made this a great pair with some Curry in a Hurry. I vote that the Brewers Co-op keep this one coming for as long as possible.

Where to Find: Fuck the liquor stores. Make your way down to the Beer Store.

Anniversary White Label
Brewery: Utah Brewers Cooperative / Wasatch label
Abv: 6 r> Average Price: $1.34
Serving Style: 12 oz bottle
Rating: *** 1/2

Description: This new brew is a semimurky yellow tinted wit with a small, perfectly white head. The nose kicks you off with decent amount of citrus-like notes followed up by coriander, light fruits, and the most subtle amount of spice. This brew goes down with ease, leaving behind some yeasty characteristics, coriander, oranges and dry finish.

Overview: Say it with me people, “This is not ‘like’ blue moon.” Blue Moon is a piece of shit beer that deserves no respect. (It is the natty ice of the witbier style.) This, on the other hand, can be called a witbier. After going through some trial and error, the current batch that is being sold is a killer product and a recommend for warming you up this holiday season.

Where to Find: Found at most state liquor stores and The Beer Store.