Beer Reviews – October 2008

In the coming months, the Utah Brewers are getting prepped for The Great American Beer Festival. And no, this is not a pabst-smear campaign of shitty beer, expect only the best. The Great American Beer Festival is an annual gathering of 45,000+ beer enthusiasts at Colorado's Convention Center in a celebration of brewing and the hard work that has gone into perfecting its art. Further, the GABF is host to one of the largest brew competitions in the world. Thus making the coming months a beer nerds inebriated wet dream. Here is the lineup for some of our local brews being sent off with high hopes. Fifth Element Brewery: Squatters Abv: 6.25 r> Average Price: $14.50 Serving Style: 750ml Bottle Rating: ****½ Description: This long awaited beer ... or should I say piece of art, pours light hazy yellow with killer carbonation. Leaving a turbo head reminiscent of champagne, the aroma is a surprisingly complex blend of everything right in a farmhouse/saison. There is a dominant funk that can only be described as barnyard goodness, some tropic-like fruit, a Belgian malt backbone and an oaky-tartness finish. The taste is mutlibased with a strong malt dominance, yeast complex, and a proper blend of spice to finish with a dry-tart zang. Overview: Holy shit pabst-man! This beer has broken the style of your typical saison, and launched itself into an oak aged sour ale. Being a major fan of anything soured, I am stoked to see anything else Jenny Talley has to throw at us. I wish I could go on more about this brew, but let's just say that if you miss out on it, you will regret it.

Where to Find: This brew is only found at the Squatter's Downtown location for a limited time.

Organic Zwickelbier
Brewery: RedRock
Abv: 4 r> Average Price: $4.50/Pint
Serving Style: On Tap
Rating: ****½
Description: This brew comes off the tap into your pint as light hay to pale straw in color. With a dense, creamery white head, the aromatics are a pleasant noble (German) hop character with grassiness and a subdued malty background. This guy hits your palate with that killer noble hop bitterness with a touch of hay and earth notes that linger to finish fairly dry.

Overview: Winning a gold at last year's GABF this brew comes back to us with a point to prove, the guys at RedRock are fuckin' amazing at what they do, and they are not going anywhere. This is another one of my favorites to see on tap over at RedRock, and I highly recommend it.

Where to Find: Only found on tap at RedRock locations (rotating release).

Lil Pips Mild Ale
Brewery: Hoppers Bar & Grill
Abv: 4 r> Average Price: $3.75/Pint
Serving Style: On Tap
Rating: ****
Description: Pouring off the tap like a killer session beer should, Pips Mild Ale is deep brown in colour with ruby highlights and a thin receding off-tan head. With a solid aroma of sweet dextrins, next to no hop aroma, and a firm roasted barley backbone, this beer is simple to drink and simple to enjoy. Leaving a decent amount of roast in your mouth as it finishes, it could not go down any smoother with that soft rounded malt on the tongue.

Overview: Another gold medal winner at last years GABF it seems that this guy is back for more. In the craft brewing industry the mild ale is pinnacle of all session beers that you can have a couple of and still be sane. Wait? What? Drinking not to get ... drunk. Holy shit folks, it's a killer concept. And with Lil Pips Mild Ale to ease you into this newly profound concept you are heading nowhere but up.

Where to Find: This beer is found only on tap at Hoppers Bar & Grill.