Beer Reviews – September 2010

With Oktoberfest just around the corner rearing its beautiful German head, there is nothing I want more than to be in a field of lederhosen, beer and drunkards. So, for those of us who are confined by the restraints of reality and really poor budgeting (due to a short visit to some exquisite out-of-state liquor emporiums), here are some beers to sip on while we dream of what could have been ...

Broadway Kölsh
Brewery/Brand:  Squatters
ABV: 4.0 %
Serving Style: On Tap
Description: The color of this Kölsh is pale straw and puts off a small white head. The aroma is filled with sweet bready malt and a soft floral hop backing that is all very clean. The taste is heavily malt-influenced with hints of bready fruit sweetness that coats your mouth.
Overview: This is a regular classic from Squatters that I like to see. And with the dwindling weather situation, you ought to abuse their patio while you get the chance. With all those assholes outside this state who like to rag on our low alcohol content, the Kölsh is a clear example of styles of beer that our state gets to see more often than others. So suck it.

Red Rock Saison
Brewery/Brand: Red Rock Brewing Company
ABV: 4.0 %
Serving Style: On Tap
Description: Red Rock Saison is a very light straw color with yellow hues that leaves behind next to no head. The nose is packed with spicy floral hops, strawberries, green apples, and a sugary lemon finish. The flavor is easy drinking with similar notes as the nose with a mild hop pinch and lightly dry finish.
Overview: This is my favorite style and I am more than pleased to say Red Rock hit the mark. Saison is a style of beer that has already hit the Utah scene in the form of Squatters Fifth Element, and one can only hope that this may make it into Red Rock’s high point line. If there is one thing I know about local brewers, Kevin Templin of Red Rock brews a mean Belgian.

Bohemian Hefeweizen
Brewery/Brand: Bohemian Brewery
ABV: 3.7%
Availability: On Tap
Description: This dark straw to brass-colored wheat beer pours light and cloudy, typical for a traditional hefe. The aroma is very light but firmly bready with a hint of tart. The flavor is completely different, all spices and wheat. The yeast is what makes this beer taste the way it does: some hints of clove, banana, allspice, and even cinnamon. There’s a thin-but-persistent lacing of off-white foam around your glass as you work your way through this easy drinker, though it’s a little thinner than I would’ve liked.
Overview: This is another new offering from the Bohemian Brewery in Midvale. Let’s hope this recent trend of doing unique seasonals continues, because this traditional style is an excellent example of the talent present in that brewery. At a full 70 percent wheat malt, this is authentic as it gets. Darker and more robust than their Weiss beer (always available at the brewery), this beer is good enough to make some Germans jealous, so drink up! –Rio Connelly