Social media has become a huge part of most of our lives. Being a “Beer Gnerd,” I’ve enjoyed getting the opportunity to simply connect and interact with people of like mind through quite a few beer apps out there, designed specifically for the craft beer enthusiast. Many do the same thing—allow the users to share their thoughts on what they’re drinking and where. I’ve highlighted a few beer geek apps to help you stay more easily connected while looking for and enjoying your favorite glass of suds. These are three apps that I personally use, which are fairly unique to each other. These are, in my opinion, the best all-around Beer Geek social apps.


Website: untappd.com
Type: Social Media
Platform: Android, BB10, iOS, Palm Pre, Windows Phone 8
Description: This app has just about everything a beer geek could want in an app. It offers GPS services that allow you to locate nearby watering holes and find out what other beers people are enjoying, whether they are in your circle of friends or not. It provides a simple five-bottle-cap rating system that allows your friends to comment on what you’re drinking from anywhere around the globe.
Overall: This is about as full of a package that you will find. I find it works best if you keep your Untappd friends as close to where you drink as possible. If you’d like to “friend” me on Untappd, my nick is “UtahBeer.”