Wine Reviews – February 2009

I know this veers away from the typical beer reviews, but after a recent trip to southern Utah, I was reminded of the great job our vintners do here. You may never guess, but the climate of southern Utah is prime for growing fantastic wine. In Moab, of all places, there happen to be a couple of vintners producing wine that should suffice your viticultural drinking needs. While I know that these wines are not exactly the new rave in every wine magazine, you ought to focus on supporting local vintners and contributing to wineries that are getting better with every vintage. So for those people who are not low enough in class to drink beer with us “common folk? (or for someone with celiac disease), place your glass of white zin aside - here are SLUG’s wine reviews.

Winery: Castle Creek
Varietal: Chardonnay
Average Price: $9.95
Serving Style: 750ml bottle
Description: After the pour, this wine has a nice light straw color with a hint of gold. Off the nose, you detect pear coupled with honey, followed by citrus and some subtle, light fruit. The taste was almost exactly what the aromatic qualities promise, with a great deal of pear with a soft-sweet finish of honey along with honeydew fruit nectars.
Overview: One thing I liked about this wine was the crisp finish that did not linger - which gave me a pretty damn good excuse to keep drinking it! I personally think that this would pair fairly well with sliced pears and some whipped cream. For more conventional dining, I think I would dig this with some fresh basil pesto pasta from Sage’s Café.
Where to Find: Found at most of our liquor stores and at the Castle Creek Winery.

Winery: Spanish Valley
Vineyards & Winery
Varietal: Riesling, 2007
Average Price: $10.95
Serving Style: 750ml bottle
Description: Uncorked and poured into a dessert wine glass, this wine is a perplexed golden yellow with an almost silky pour. This medium-bodied riesling is lightly sweeter than traditional, and reveals notes of apples, peaches, and the finish of butternut toffee and passion fruit.
Overview: This has always been an easy grab at any liquor store when I am in a fix for a bottle of reiesling. While the bottle is pretty average on its own, the key is to hit up The Bakery on 250 South and 300 East (or your bakery of choice) and snag a couple of fruit tarts to make it a touch better.
Where to Find: Liquor stores and the Spanish Valley Vineyards & Winery.

Winery: Castle Creek
Winery Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Average Price: $12.95
Serving Style: 750ml bottle
Description: In the glass, this cab is a deep ruby color with a medium body and skinny legs. The aromatics put off some dark fruits with a firm backing of plum and the lightest hint of cherries. Carried over to the flavor, the plums and cherries present themselves with an average tannin backing and an off-dry finish.
Overview: Proudly boasting a bronze medal winner on the label, I found this to be just average. A solid-drinking cabernet for sure, but this is nothing to get moist about. One major complaint with the bottle is that is does not give you a vintage. What the fuck? Especially with reds and for anyone who cellars wine, it makes it rough to track its aging.
Where to Find: Pray for a revolution, but in the meantime, it’s at the liquor stores.