Wine Reviews

Sneaking their way into the ranks of those who are doing a damn fine job of making this state a little less dry, Kiler Grove Winegrowers has arrived in Salt Lake City. KGW is a small boutique winery, currently specializing in small-batch reds, red blends and a rare white varietal. KGW is a small, family-owned and operated business with California roots that now resides in South Salt Lake. KGW imports their fermented wine and uses the SLC facility for packaging and distribution with plans of eventually pressing and fermenting on premises. These low-yield products have had hands-on attention and care, so I am pleased to offer you the line up.

Winery: Kiler Grove Winegrowers
Vintage: 2008
Description: Off the pour, this white wine opens up to aromas of kiwi, lemongrass and soft tropical fruits. The taste is similar to the aroma in the kiwi and lemongrass aspects, with a definite presence of melon fruit that leads to a lingering finish.
Overview: This rare varietal of white falls into the category of supplemental or distillation grape. When I saw this varietal on the shelf, I had to try it. It is definitely unlike most whites on the market––it has a unique, crisp sweetness, prime for hot summer days or for pairing with a sharp cheese. What I like most about this urban boutique winery is that they are dealing with low yields/productions, so difficult wines such as this are given the attention they deserve.

Winery: Kiler Grove Winegrowers
Vintage: 2009
Description: This Rhône-style blended red has a balanced aroma of bright cherries, earthy notes and a hint of oak. The flavor leads off rich with dark fruits,  then to herbal earthy notes, while maintaining that bright cherry character and finishing with a balanced tannin and a flavorful lingering.
Overview: This blended wine of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Petit Sirah is inspired by wines of the Rhône region, with the light addition of Petit Sirah adding a bit more balance to the overall character. This is just the sort of experimental blending that I love to see from a small artisan winery. Maybe it’s just me and my love for Utah craft, but our booze-brewin’ brethren are leading this state to a hopeful renaissance of alcohol appreciation. Cheers.

Winery: Kiler Grove Winegrowers
Vintage: 2007
Description: The Zinergy pours into the glass with aromatics of cedar, deep red fruits and a spicy undertone. The flavor leads into heavy jams, cranberry and some more of that cedar. It finishes with a long, refreshing amount of fruit balance.
Overview: Acting as their flagship and house wine, I can see why they are so proud of Zinergy. It has all the great characteristics of solid zin, but with a blended sweetness and an overall balance. This is a great wine to keep on hand for a zinfandel craving, not to mention they have an older vintage (2005) that is definitely worth a try, too.