Killjoy Premiere @ Tower Theater 11.28

Posted December 13, 2011 in

Toasting Killjoy Photo: Riley Smith

Back in August, I got the chance to tag along with the Killjoy film crew for an article I wrote for the Sept. issue of SLUG. Killjoy finally premiered on Nov. 28 and confirmed what I've been thinking since August: BMX is way fucking cooler than skateboarding. Start hating—and then accept the truth. Skateboarding is cool and all, but four wheels are far more limiting than two. The boys in Killjoy take creativity where skateboarders will never be able to. Skateboarders have lots of cool flippy-spinny tricks they can do on stair sets and shit, but BMX riders have all that and so much more. From veterans like Mike Aitken and Matt Beringer to the younger guys like Tate Roskelley, these guys will ride anything they can find—playgrounds, chains, conveyor belts—even a hotel luggage cart. All of the riders in Killjoy are Utah locals, putting cities along the Wasatch Front at their mercy.

Killjoy has been four years in the making—and it shows. Every rider's part is on point, which is refreshing considering that so many movies these days seem to throw in less-than-stellar shots just to fill that time slot. Years of filming have created a wealth of footage to choose from so only the best of the best of each rider made the final cut. Filmer Shawn “Elf” Walters and editor Jordan Utley took the time to make a movie that shows the nation what the Utah scene is all about. Killjoy is a shinning gem of the local BMX community.

Toasting Killjoy Photo: Riley Smith