Review: Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Adventures for the Working Stiff

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Adventures for the Working Stiff
Jay Toberman

Street: 01.01

Ever since Toberman went on a floozy trip through the stretches of Canada, he has been seeking “adventure” and, unfortunately, writing about it. Recollections of his sparse international trips are bleak journal-styled accounts that go into as much detail and insight as, “The seventh day was another travel day. Nothing terribly exciting. Just desert scenery.”Joy Toberman is an automaton that simply seeks adventure for adventure’s sake. He’s the type of tourist who screams “Machu Picchu!” because travel brochures have it written so with bold, exotic font that speaks of dreams to come true. While Toberman’s anecdotes are vapid and tiring to read, he does write honestly. This allows for a translucent study into the mind of the American tourist; providing a whole new reading experience as outlined by confessions such as this: “…the only difference I notice on my travels is the different language on the Coca-Cola bottles.” Insightful indeed, Don’t Quit Your Day Job!. – Spencer Young