Review: Uncle John’s Beer-Topia: A Heady Brew of Beer Miscellany

Uncle John’s Beer-Topia: A Heady Brew of Beer Miscellany
The Bathroom Readers’ Institute

Portable Press
Street: 05.12

From the same author who brought you your porcelain throne crowning literature, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, comes another quick quips and tidbits guide, but this time focused on your favorite “sipping” beverage: beer. The book is split up into 1 to 4 page sections detailing every mouthwatering factoid you may want know about brew, from what defines the difference between a lager and an ale to how many beers Andre the Giant could put away on a relaxing night in his hotel room. As a beginner home brewer, I found an abundance of useful bits on how to ensure the water you are using has the correct combination of nutrients and a guide of common brewer’s terms for successful navigation of stores like The Beer Nut and informed conversations about how exactly you created that perfect, nutty porter. Beer-Topia is a must-have light read for anyone interested in the nectar of the gods, in whatever form your passion takes. –LeAundra Jeffs