BMX Photo Feature: Kurt Perkins

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Kurt Perkins, Unturndown/NacNac
Kurt Perkins – Unturndown/NacNac – Wasatch Bike Park, SLC, Utah

Wasatch Bike Park opened up in 2014, providing riders with a sanctuary from the cold and wet months here in Utah. With their focus on the riding community and its many facets, Wasatch has created several “rooms“ within their building that provide a variety of terrain—the most popular of which is the (aptly named) “Jump Room,” which features a series of box jumps for riders to go through. As BMX continues to progress and challenge the limits of what is possible, there is one thing that is constant and will never change: style. You learn style by watching videos or by riding foam pit jumps. Style naturally develops over time. Kurt is one of the truly gifted riders here in SLC, and his style is coveted by many. Kurt was blasting effortless tricks all evening, but this one is something of his own creation—a hybrid, really, of two tricks combined into some serious eye candy.