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Photo by J. Eichorst

Here’s the truth: I don’t ride a BMX bike and I don’t intend to unless it’s to the corner store for beer or candy. I do, however, occasionally ride a skateboard and I truly believe it is one of the hardest things to do on the planet (next to riding a BMX bike). When my homey, Elf, handed me a copy of the trailer for his new video, “THAT’S IT,” I was pretty stoked though I would probably never buy a BMX DVD on my own dollar. I always see the bike peeps around town, (and at the parks getting gnarly) but I had no idea of how gnarly these guys really were until I watched the trailer. It seems like all the pro snowboarders and skaters get all the attention in this state so it‘s about time people start to recognize the homegrown BMX talent Utah has. On November 20th, show your appreciation and go check the full-length video of “THAT’S IT” screening at the Tower Theatre. You can get tickets at: or if you happen to see any of the 5050 riders they should probably have tickets on them. They’ll also be sold the day of the show and the cost is a measly $8.

Videographer and editor, Jordan Utley, has taken the D.I.Y. attitude producing and editing this video. He and Elf have been filming day-in and day-out since April with help from the other 5050 riders. OGIO, 5050 BMX, Terrible One, S&M, Fit Bikes, Merit, Animal and Square One are all lending their sponsorship. 99’f the riders featured are from Utah. I’m pretty sure it’s filmed entirely on the streets of our great state and the dirt jumps of Tanner Park. You can expect to see full parts from Matt Beringer, Fuzzy Hall, Mike Aitken, Elf, Rob Wise, Cameron Wood and Dave Thompson.

1091-Screen shot 2014-05-22 at 4.59.14 PMElf wanted me to note that a video like this has been a long time coming for the BMX scene in Utah. He also assured me that this won’t be like any other BMX video you may have seen in the past. These guys are the cutting edge of their sport and are helping to evolve it. As of late, it seems that most of the other action sports have been coming up short with creativity, but BMX is holding it down on a constant, progressive movement. These dudes are stoked to have all of their friends together for the premiere.

If you like what you see in the photos you will shit your pants when you see the footage. Remember the Tower Theatre is a relatively small venue and I know these guys are expecting a full house and I’m sure there will be some after party. So, get your drink on and come check these dudes hucking themselves.

Tower Theater is located in the 9th and 9th district of SLC:
876 E. 900So.
(801) 321-0310

5050 BMX is located in Layton, UT.
About 1 mile west of I-15
1485 West Hillfield Rd.