Skate Nerd Trivia


Do you want to win an autographed Dark Star board signed by Adam Dyet? Be the first person to e-mail me all the correct answers to the trivia questions below, and the board is yours. If no one sends all the correct answers, the person who sends in the most correct answers first will win the prize. Get your google on and win, and remember, Adam is on his way to the top of the pro ranks soon. This board will be worth more than your life on eBay in a few months. The winner will be announced in next month’s issue.

1. Who did the first frontside board slide on a handrail? (Hint: They were #1 on my Top Ten list of best styles in last month’s issue.)

2. Who did the first switch back lipslide on a rail? (Hint: His initials are R.B.)

3. What team did Brian Anderson ride for before Girl?

4. What team did Rick McCrank ride for before Girl?

5. What is the name of Lizard King’s skate gang?

6. Who did the biggest back nose blunt on a rail? (Hint: You’re trying to win a board autographed by him.)

7. Who invented the McTwist or 540 air?

8. What skate shoe brand has been around the longest?

9. Who invented the kickflip?

10. What is Andrew Reynold’s nickname?