Skate Photo Feature: Bryce Parkinson


Grindline has earned the reputation of being one of the most creative skatepark builders. The parks they’ve created are far from the G-rated spots being built nowadays, and SoJo is no exception. The bowl is crusty, the coping is crunchy, you’ll be lucky if you take a slam without drawing some blood—and there are endless possibilities. You can spend years finding new lines, which is what Bryce Parkinson did. Going where few dare, it took a few tries. But on a warm summer’s eve, he lapped his front wheels into the deck, used some back-toe magic and pulled one of the most stylish front rocks I’ve ever witnessed.

Bryce Parkinson – Frontside Rock n’ Roll – South Jordan
Photo: Randy Roberts. Bryce Parkinson – Frontside Rock n’ Roll – South Jordan.