Skate Photo Feature: Garrison Conklin


Garrison Conklin—Ollie From Bump To Flat—SLC, UT

The ollie is the foundation of almost every trick on a skateboard. When you are just learning to skate, you practice ollie-ing up curbs, over soda cans, a deck on its side, a manhole cover, off a picnic table and down stairs. You are always trying to go higher, longer, faster—and it feels amazing. Some people just have unbelievable power and finesse in their ollies. Garrison is one of those guys. I would have been happy with an ollie from curb cut to curb cut here, but Garrison saw the challenge to clear the whole driveway to the flat on the other side, and went for it. I’m sure it felt just as great as the first time he ollied up a curb.