SLUG Skate Photo Feature: Mikey Martinez


Mikey Martinez – Frontside Smith – Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Mikey Martinez had made up his mind about skating this 15-stair rail before he ever sent me an email asking if I’d like to shoot it. I asked if the spot was a bust, and he told me he’d only need a couple tries either way. I applaud that confidence, but I’ve been shooting long enough to know courage can fade when you are actually looking down that rail.

Mikey showed up right on time. He took a good look at the rail, rolled up a few times and went for it. He locked right into the smith and ground the whole rail. I expected him to collapse into the ground at the bottom on impact, but instead, he rolled away clean. Afterward, he said he’d never been more scared or more excited in his life. Thanks, Mikey, for asking me to come out!