Who’s That Dude?: An Interview with Andrew Wilson


What can I say about Andrew Wilson. Well first off, he looks like all the fucking hippies I went to college with in Vermont. But don’t let the dreads throw you, this dude is not a tree hugger and the fucking murders skateboards like he’s Jeffrey Dahmer. I met Wilson two years ago when I came out to visit some friends that just so happened to live with him. The first thing I saw was this long-dreaded freak killing a two foot mini ramp that he built in his living room. He’s a legend (in very loose terms) of Salt Lake’s underground skate scene. Ask any rad skater here if they’ve heard his name and they will all say the say thing, the guy rips! So why don’t you know who he is? Well now is your chance to, directly from the horse’s mouth.

wilson5-0revertSLUG: Are you really related to Tosh Townsend?

Andrew Wilson: Fuck you.

SLUG: How long have you been skating?

Andrew Wilson: 11 or 12 years.

SLUG: What attracts you so much to skating? What does skating mean to you?

Andrew Wilson: No one tells me what to do. [It’s all about] flow and fun.

SLUG: Why don’t you compete?

Andrew Wilson: I’ve just never been competitive [that] shit makes me nervous. I don’t think skating should be judged.

SLUG: Have you ever been sponsored or will be?

Andrew Wilson: I was a little, here and there. I try to stray away from that—shits a headache.

SLUG: Who do you skate with? Who are the best people to skate with?

Andrew Wilson: Homies that I live with, EMW, SFK or solo. Anyone who’s down for a good sesh.

SLUG: Will we be seeing any footage of you in any future videos?

Andrew Wilson: Always the EMW films!

SLUG: What are your thoughts on today’s skate fashion (tight pants vs. gangsta shit)?

Andrew Wilson: Both are pretty ridiculous, but that tight pants shit’s gotta go.

SLUG: Who deserves respect that gets none?

Andrew Wilson: Not that they don’t get respect, but Willie, Slyvester and Lance (Harris). They’re the best.

SLUG: What’s your favorite trick?

Andrew Wilson: Back tails and 3 flips.

SLUG: Street or Transition?

Andrew Wilson: Both, but lately tranny.

SLUG: Favorite spot?

Andrew Wilson: Sandy park.

SLUG: Favorite vice (drink, smoke, sex, porn, etc.)?

Andrew Wilson: Love beer and boobs!

SLUG: Favorite jam band: Phish or Widespread Panic?

Andrew Wilson: Slayer! Fuck that hippie shit!

SLUG: Why do you and Greg text each other photos of your shits?

Andrew Wilson: Cuz fuck that kid.

SLUG: What does a lady have to do to get your number?

Andrew Wilson: Just ask, but I probably won’t answer. I’m pretty bad with cell phones.

SLUG: You really didn’t want to do this interview did you? Why?

Andrew Wilson: Not really. I could give a fuck if people know I skate, it’s all for my own benefit anyway.

SLUG: What does your future hold in general and in skating?

Andrew Wilson: Traveling, slanging drinks, living life and just having fun with skating.

SLUG: Since your not sponsored or competing or trying to live off of skating why should we give a shit and read this interview?

Andrew Wilson: I was wondering the same thing. I guess to let people know that skating isn’t all about the bullshit (sponsors). I’ve been doing it for this long because I love it. Skating is so huge now that it seems like lots of kids get into it just for sponsors and the hope of turning pro when they should just enjoy it for what it is. Getting hooked up is cool, but it should never influence why you skate.

SLUG: Any “final thoughts”

Andrew Wilson: Do your own thing, don’t take it too serious and have fun.