Bode Merrill recently told me about his affection for dubstep and raves. That is the moment I knew he was into drugs. Perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions here and underestimating the amount of head trauma he’s sustained from snowboarding. I decided to do some research into this second theory and found that Bode actually has his very own blog dedicated to one of the nastiest of all snowboarding wrecks—the scorpion (landing on your face so hard your lower body bends backwards to the point of looking like a scorpion’s tail). This site isn’t just about any old scorpion—it’s the kind induced from sliding rails in a non-ninety degree fashion, or as it’s commonly known—the zeach. The former isn’t always the result of the latter here, but there are plenty of examples of cause and effect. is much more than cheap laughs at other people’s painful expense: The majority of the content is just the humiliation of being caught in the act of one of snowboarding’s biggest faux pas—the zeach—regardless of the outcome. Some of the snow world’s biggest hotshots, both past and present, are featured being caught red-handed in the despicable act of “zeaching.” As you might expect, this has certainly ruffled some feathers among the elite boarders. Perhaps they missed the part where Bode makes fun of himself and his friends on a regular basis for committing this atrocious act. It’s all done in the name of fun and don’t be surprised if you see some outtakes from this shoot on the blog someday. Mad zeaches before hitting the 90-degree mark on this frontside board transfer. As Bode always says, “Keep it 90, bro,” or my personal favorite, “Life’s a zeach, then you scorp.”