Lost in the labyrinth of 6,000-square-foot homes that litter Dimple Dell Road is a little stretch of public land tucked in a ravine called Equestrian Park. As the name suggests, horses are allowed in this park. Whenever you are within the city limits and horses are allowed in a park, you can bet that you are in a very wealthy neighborhood. This fact is what has most certainly led to the police harassment of snowboarders recently reported there. Apparently––according to Officer Dipshit––there is too much risk of injury from snowboarding, yet wealthy, uncoordinated, Xanaxed-out housewives pose no such liability threat when trotting around on their prized ponies on the same property. The cool thing about being a cop, I guess, is that no matter how stupid the thing you say is, you have a gun to back you up.

Brandon Cocard – Gap to Backside Lipslide – Sandy, Utah