People must often wonder why so many urban snowboarding photos are taken at night. I mean, for the most part snowboarding is something you do in the daytime and when it gets dark you go home and get drunk. Why in the hell would you want to waste precious drinking hours sliding around on a piece of plastic? Well, for obvious reasons, schools and businesses aren’t too down for a bunch of hoodie-wearing kids to show up while they are open and start launching themselves down the handrails and ledges that surround their buildings. I mean, what if someone got hurt? I say this jokingly because 99% of the time this—and the possibility of getting sued as a result of it—are the reason they tell us to beat it. So we come back in the middle of the night and have our way with their precious establishments. Many of the buildings are equipped with security cameras, like the one in the upper right of this photo. Most of this stuff is just recording and never reviewed unless there is an incident at the building like a break-in. I can only imagine how insane it might look if someone in the building were to randomly stumble upon footage of us showing up to snowboard. I know it’s had to have happened at some point, I’m just hoping someone in charge is savvy enough to put it on YouTube for the world to view.