Snow Photo Feature: Alex Andrews

Ski / Snowboard

Alex Andrews—Gap To Back Lip—Ogden, Utah

Ogden is known as Rail Town, and not just for the overabundance of metal bars lining staircases on its streets. Up until the mid 1900s, it was a major railway hub, as it was the intersection point of two major East-West and North-South train routes. People who grew up in Ogden back then did so with rails playing a major part of their lives. Alex Andrews is from Ogden, and you can probably see where this is going … But seriously, no one knows the best snowboarding spots better than this Weber County original. I’ve spent many hours, days and weeks scouring the boulevards and alleyways of Utah’s so-called crime capital, but spots like these are rarely discovered without Alex leading the search party. Every time I think the mine has gone dry, he pulls out one more diamond.