Snow Photo Feature: Brandon Cocard

Ski / Snowboard

Brandon Cocard—Blackflip—SLC. Photo: Andy Wright

“When in doubt, lay it out.” Not sure how many times over the years I’ve heard this tired cliché, but it’s usually … ahem, backed up with a giant backflip. Personally, when I’ve been in positions where there’s a giant, scary jump in front of me with heavy consequence, the last thing I think about is laying one out upside down. Some guys say it makes it less scary to get over a giant gap when you’re not staring directly at it the whole time you are in the air. Looking at that sky, apparently, keeps you calm and helps avoid panic. Brandon Cocard finds his inner peace while traveling neck first over Pyramid Gap. This classic do-or-die feature is in Grizzly Gulch at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon.