Contributor Limelight: Christian Broadbent

Christian Broadbent – Designer, Illustrator

Christian Broadbent joined SLUG’s ranks as an ad designer back in July 2008. Since then, he’s been an excellent collaborator, bringing his flair for polished design, thoughtful branding and delightful illustrations to SLUG’s pages. With a particular love for all things print, Broadbent designed his first SLUG cover in May 2015, capturing a timeless, sleek take on the magazine’s annual Bike Issue, and in June 2016, he offered a modern, icon-centric rendering for SLUG’s Beer Issue cover. On this month’s Instrument Builders & Teachers issue, Broadbent encapsulates his love for SLUG’s local music coverage—and our thriving community. As a proficient freelancer and as Senior Designer at SLC digital agency We Like Small, there’s a high chance that you’ve seen Broadbent’s designs and illustrations around town beyond SLUG. Find his work at