Contributor Limelight: Maggie Zukowski

Maggie Zukowski is a motorcycle ridin', cat fosterin', pink-hair rockin', kick-ass SLUG designer. She came to us from Minnesota in October 2011, and we've kept that flourescent mane close ever since. Using her mad illustrative skillz, Maggie designed our Blue Dress Birthday Party poster back in February, and each month she designs a handful of ads for the magazine, putting an extra edge on her work to make them stand out. Check out her work on the ads for Unhinged, Johnny's and Dr. Sketchy's in this issue to get a first-hand glimpse at this design-guru's magic touch. Known as Miss Maggie Bliss to some, she has also hosted Dr. Sketchy's SLC each month since January 2011, putting her B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota to use with some artistic community service. Go say hello at the "Tribute to Betty Paige" themed Dr. Sketchy's on June 26 at Metro . . . Maggie's a tough one to miss.