Contributor Limelight: Mariah Mann-Mellus

SLUG's favorite party girl, Mariah Mann-Mellus, is the delightful, ever-effervescent, resourceful personality and motivating force behind almost every one of SLUG's world-changing skatebaording and snowboarding events. Mariah recently played a major part in organizing SLUG's smash-hit burlesque float in the Gay Pride parade last month. Mariah writes SLUG's Gallery Stroll column and is the refined, highbrow art/culture connection for many of cavemen/heathen SLUG staffers. Mariah is also a SLUG account executive and is the Mag's travel hook-up connection as well (her full time job is a travel agent.) Damn, will Mariah ever stop? Not in the near future, because she has more energy than a spontaneously combusting Duracell. Watch for Mariah with cocktail in hand at any upcoming SLUG event near you.