Contributor Limelight: Sri Whipple

Local artist Sri Whipple has jolted the local art scene for a couple decades. His colorful artwork pops and contorts with mind-bending vigor. A SLUG reader for over 20 years, Whipple appreciates the magazine as a “grassroots outlet for local artisans” that he trusts. He enjoys SLUG’s themes and topic motifs, but still starts reading each issue with “Local Music Reviews” (pg. 46)! He also appreciates how SLUG “has matured over the years but still hasn’t grown up, which I find so relatable.” After “five years of hibernation,” Whipple has reignited his art-making motor. He found that creating the September Food Issue cover would be in alignment with his artistic endeavors amid setting up his studio—in addition to being a full-time, stay-at-home dad. SLUG is excited to be a part of his rekindled vision. Follow him on Instagram at @sriwhipple.