Contributor Limelight: Erin Moore

Since Erin Moore joined the SLUG writing team in February 2015 and the copy editing team a year later, she has brought her strong sense of style, expertise and impeccable taste—in writing, fashion, music and otherwise—to cover our local scene. Having written countless music pieces for SLUG, Moore weaves her words together in an expressive, descriptive and stirring voice, capturing the pathos and essences of her musical beats, which range from shoegaze and goth to dreampop and punk. The month, Moore writes on SLUG Localized’s Madge (p. 7) and Peach Dream (p. 8). Moore recalls picking up an issue of SLUG shortly after she moved to Salt Lake in 2013, citing the magazine and its emphasis on local music as introductions to the community. Now, we’re proud to have Moore as a SLUG contributor—her work continues to introduce and invite individuals and communities into our SLC scene.