Contributor Limelight – Lois Brady

Since November 2016, SLUG Editorial Intern Lois Brady has assisted SLUG’s Editorial Department with aplomb. From nuts-and-bolts digital-organizational tasks to helping keep SLUG’s “Daily Calendar” up to date, Brady takes ownership of various functional minutiae behind the scenes at the magazine. What’s more, Brady is a talented film reviewer who cut her teeth writing for SLUG by reviewing Slamdance Film Festival 2017 films—her favorite film from this year’s programming having been Rock Steady Row because of the screening experience at the fest on top of the film’s quality. She also enjoys SLUG’s “environment in the office and the compassion with which SLUG is run,” and the sense of voice found in SLUG’s articles. In addition to all her skills, we must mention how much we enjoy Lois Brady’s sharp wit and sense of humor. Watch for her upcoming Slamdance ’18 reviews in January.