Contributor Limelight: Nic Smith

Nic Smith – Copy Editor, Fact Checker, Senior Staff Writer

In the fall of 2014, Nic Smith entered the SLUG Magazine ranks as a music writer. With each assignment, Smith has grown into the feature writer that he is today, as he deftly covers the vibrant music, art and culture that makes its home in Salt Lake City or passes through. His favorite assignments include interview features with 90s Television (Localized), Kurt Vile and Charles Moothart, and he values SLUG’s coverage of local music. With his ear to the ground via his lifestyle and work with promoters S&S, Smith was an easy choice to become a fact checker and copy editor in the spring of 2015. This month, Smith flexes his writing muscles in his interview feature with Elaine Sayer and Chloe Monson about their creative company, Good Phats, on page 16. Smith procures consistent, stellar results, and we beam with pride because of all he does!