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I’m not playing || WHO’S LOUIS?

WHO'S LOUIS? presents the world premiere of "I'm Not Playing", an interactive digital installation, available 24/7 to stream through the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival. Jeremy and Jess broke up last night. Jess is ready to leave him, but Jeremy isn’t convinced; meanwhile, Caitlyn and Dev mediate and miscommunicate. This digital installation gives audiences the

Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival


The cutting-edge performing arts festival that has made its home at The Gateway since 2018, the Great Salt Lake Fringe is going digital this year with more than 40 groups offering 80 performances available for online viewing, July 30-August 9, 2020 at Normally, performances would be held in various spaces throughout The Gateway, but


Summer Camp: Planet Earth [Grades 2-3]

Clever Octopus - South Salt Lake 2250 S West Temple, Salt Lake City

Discover the diverse ecosystems of the Earth, and make art inspired by the creatures that roam our planet! Each day will focus on a different ecosystem, David Attenborough nature documentary