Review: America’s Mexican

America’s Mexican
George Lopez

HBO Home Video
Street: 07.03

WHITE PEOPLE TALK LIKE THIS, LATINO PEOPLE TALK LIKE THIS. Now that I have that out of the way, I can say that George Lopez was able to get most of that material out of the way within the first 15 minutes of this DVD. There’s something lovable about this guy that I can’t deny, and while his routines don’t always have me howling wildly with laughter, I have to respect a guy who started with nothing, and now has a Grammy and a syndicated show under his belt. His pacing of the stage with great enthusiasm as he tells his stories, not to mention his hilarious dry heaving punch line on several of his jokes, effectively won me over as the set progressed. While I wish that comedians would try to avoid spending too much time on demographical comparisons, I’m pretty sure that Lopez has nailed the niche for the material he uses quite effectively. -Conor Dow