Review: An Evening of Yes

An Evening of Yes
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe

Street: 08.28

Previous to getting this DVD I had no pretension of liking Yes. I have had several friends, who I respect but was skeptical about, who love Yes. Not knowing where to begin to re-access Yes, it was fortuitous that this came into the office. My final verdict after watching it? I still hate Yes and they are sillier than ever. Granted, Wakeman is intense as he switches effortlessly from keyboard, guitar and bass all without wrinkling his cape and because this was the late 80s, any film angle goes. The drummer, in a stroke of genius, taped a mini-cam to his drum sticks and there are several shots of him hitting ANYTHING with it (as well as a few nauseating twirls). This DVD is epic, yes, but if you weren’t a fan of Yes previously no amount of tight Space: 1999 outfits or laser light show will make you a fan. This DVD is for those already fortunate enough to understand Yes’ brilliance. -Erik Lopez