Review: Crusin’ Hits of the 60’s

Crusin’ Hits of the 60’s
MVD Visual

Street 06.07

I guess I’ve always known that minor pop stars from the 60s were active well into the 1980s, but I don’t think that point really hit home until I saw video proof. Recorded live at the Rock n’ Roll Palace in Orlando, Florida, this multi-star concert features a host of forgettable talent. The neon-lit stage is small, the crowd is lacking almost all rhythm, and the “hits” the title promises are mostly missing (this probably has something to do publishing rights). As a collection of 60s songs it is utter crap, but as sheer camp, it actually delivers. Highlights include an ageing Bobby Vee, a teen idol known more for his hair than for his voice, performing “Rubber Ball” to a roomful of pear-shaped housewives while managing to stand perfectly still, fully aware that his comb over could fail at any moment. There’s also a song by Del Shannon, but it’s not his classic tune “Runaway.” A past-prime Shannon is sporting a wicked mullet and looks less than thrilled to be there. Other somewhat notable artists include Wolfman Jack, Sam Moore, and the Shirelles. The performances aren’t all bad, and this was probably a great concert to see in person, but the grainy footage and poor sound make viewing an exercise in endurance, as painful as giving birth to full grown armadillo. Here’s hoping Del Shannon found a competent barber. -James Bennett