Review: The War on the War on Drugs

The War on the War on Drugs
Cevin Soling

Street: 04.03

By doing drugs you are executing your rights as a citizen of the United States. By doing drugs you are protesting to change unjust laws. Really doing drugs is one of the most patriotic things that a person can do, at least that’s what the satirical film, The War on the War on Drugs, led me to believe. The film is compromised of cheesy acting in a variety of short clips that convey one message, DO DRUGS. Clips include a striking comparison of DARE and the Hitler Youth, a cooking show demonstrating how to make special brownies and a public service announcement for how to keep your meth lab safe. I think I would have enjoyed the humor more if I’d been high. Soling clearly had his audience in mind when making this film. Anyone that has ever used drugs will get a kick out of this. (Brewvies: 05.07) -Jeanette Moses