12th & Delaware – Review

Posted January 26, 2010 in

12th & Delaware

Sundance Film Festival

Directors: Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing

In 1991 an abortion clinic opened on the corner of 12th & Delaware in Fort Pierce, Florida. In 1999 a pro-life anti-abortion clinic, designed to look like it might be an abortion clininc, opened directly across the street, buying space that had only been on the market for a single day. Many of the women that walk through its doors are interested in the pregnancy termination services available at the actual abortion clinic across the street. The pro-life “clinic” offers their customers free ultrasounds, but also fills their heads with misinformation regarding the safety of abortion and often miscalculate how far along women are in their pregnancies. The lengths they are willing to travel to convince these women to continue their pregnancy is equally disturbing. One woman’s lunch is purchased for her by the pro-lifers. Later, she is told that her verbally abusive boyfriend might change with the addition of a baby into his life. The pro-life clinic isn’t just pushing piles of propaganda on their customers either—they’ve assembled an army of volunteers who picket and harass the actual abortion clinic and its customers. They wave plastic babies at people as they walk in screaming things like "Don’t be a murderer. Save your baby!" and hold larger-than-life signs that feature bloody fetuses. One man has even gone as far to track down the doctor that performs the abortions because he wants to photograph him and create a billboard that states the doctor murders babies. This documentary didn’t really teach me anything new, but it reaffirmed my belief that pro-choice groups are insane and their tactics are disgusting and distasteful.  However, my guess is a pro-lifer would feel the same way about those immoral baby-murdering motherfuckers across the street. Ultimately, Grady and Ewing paint an accurate picture of the lives and thought patterns of those who stand on opposite sides of the abortion debate.

Jeanette D. Moses 


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Screening Times:

 January 24 – 12:00 PM – Temple Theatre, Park City, UT

January 27 – 12:00 PM – Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City, UT

January 27 – 9:00 PM – Broadway Centre Cinema VI, Salt Lake City, UT

January 28 – 9:00 PM –Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City, UT

January 29 – 9:30 AM – Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City, UT