Armless – Review

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Sundance Film Festival

Director: Habib Azar

John suffers from body integrity identity disorder, an unusual condition where individuals wish to remove their limbs. John wants to cut off both of his arms. He heads to NYC, leaving his wife Anna, to find a doctor that he has been told will complete the procedure. If the doctor denies his request, John is prepared to do the deed by himself … with a saw purchased from a hardware store. Made on a shoestring budget, the real genius of Armless isn’t the bizarre story. Instead, it’s the clever dialogue and quirky character interactions that make this film so noteworthy. – Jeanette D. Moses

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Screening Times:

January 22 – 9:00 PM – Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City, UT

January 23 – 12:00 AM – Holiday Village Cinema IV, Park City UT

January 24 – 10:30 PM – Broadway Centre Cinemas IV, Salt Lake City, UT

January 28 – 5:00 PM – Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City, UT

January 30 – 2:30 PM – Holiday Village Cinema I, Park City, UT