Better Than Something: Jay Reatard @ Brewvies 09.22

Posted September 23, 2012 in

Better Than Something: Jay Reatard
Salt Lake Film Festival
Directors: Alex Hammond and Ian Marklewicz

After watching the trailer for this film a while back, I had been excited to see it. I was not disappointed, as I left Brewvies with a smile on my face at 2:30 a.m. in the morning. Before seeing the film, I wasn't very familiar with Jay Reatard’s music, but I knew that Reatard (real name Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr.) was a fixture of the Memphis, Tenn. music scene, and that his life ended much too soon. A large portion of this film features candid interviews of Reatard at his Memphis home during the final months of his life, which ended in January of 2010. There is also a lot of great archival footage of Reatard from the numerous bands he played in, such as the Lost Sounds and The Reatards, and it’s interesting to see the evolution of his career. Along with some heartfelt interviews from friends and family, including his younger sister, Mom and Dad, you get a better perspective on Reatard’s softer side. This film is a great documentary of Reatard’s life, showing his transformation from a wild 19-year-old punk, to a 29-year-old man coping with a relentless lifestyle of touring and recording. You may not be a fan of Reatard’s songs, but this documentary makes you appreciate his undying love of music.

Better Than Something - JAY REATARD - Trailer from Children of Productions on Vimeo.