Big Fan – Review

Posted January 19, 2009 in
Big Fan

Sundance Film Festival

Director: Robert D. Siegel

What do you do when your life’s passion betrays you? Paul Aufiero (Patton Oswalt) is obsessed about the New York Giants. Actually, “obsessed? isn’t the right word. Try fucking nuts. His room, located in his mother’s house, is decorated with NFL bed sheets and posters of his favorite player, Quantrell Bishop. When an act of admiration for his idol leads to a misunderstanding and subsequently a vicious act of violence, Paul must question where his loyalties lie. Oswalt successfully transitions from comedy to drama (without neglecting his traditional art too much) as the reclusive fanatic who’s repulsed by his family’s traditional lifestyles. As a warrior of words, both on-screen and off-, he is the perfect candidate for the character’s sardonic rants and raves on Giants pride. Once again, director Robert D. Siegel has emerged triumphant with his never-ending spectrum of writing capabilities, and, additionally, has added the Accomplished Director notch on his Winning at Life belt. With an unforgettable ending that leaves the audience thirsting for more, Big Fan is a wonderful collaboration of some of today’s most talented artists.

- Jimmy Martin