Children of the Stars @ Tower Theatre 09.22

Posted September 23, 2012 in

Children of the Stars
Salt Lake Film Festival
Director: Bill Perrine

I don’t think this documentary was intended to be a comedy, but the members of the California cult, Unarius, are so fucking crazy, you can’t help but laugh at times. Even though every religion in the world has its unique set of teachings and beliefs, this UFO-based cult takes it to the next level. There is no narrator in the film, instead, current members of the cult tell the history of the group, and its over-zealous leader Ruth Norman, and how they each became involved. In doing so, it becomes crystal clear how devoted (and crazy) these people truly are. Perrine, the director of the film, also did a great deal of research of the group, and managed to obtain a lot of cheesy, archival films made by the group in recent decades, in which members reenact their past lives on other planets. The film runs a bit long at 77 minutes, as it’s hard to process and keep track of all the strange beliefs coming from these people throughout the film. But overall, the film does a good job of showing the strange culture of these folks.