Comforting Skin

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Comforting Skin Director Derek Franson

Comforting Skin
Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Derek Franson

Comforting Skin is just another movie about an average looking girl who gets a tattoo to make herself feel exceptional. Or at least it would be if her tattoo didn’t come to life, move around on her body and talk to her. In his directorial debut, Derek Franson reveals the story he wrote 13 years ago, following Koffie (Victoria Bidewell) on her search for emotional, and sexual, connection. Koffie believes she’s found that connection in her tattoo, which provides sensual pleasure as it moves about her body in masturbatory-esque moments, and she begins to withdraw from the friends and family she has recently reconnected with after overcoming her recent drug problems. But when her tattoo begins to turn into a jealous douche bag, Koffie must conquer the only person really standing in her way: herself. While there are moments when the film feels rushed, a few scenes where Bidewell over and under acts and the ending is abrupt, Comforting Skin is, on the whole, successful. The effects for the tattoo, in particular, are surprisingly well done, especially considering the limited $250,000 budget Franson was working with. Koffie’s best friend, Nathan (played by Tygh Runyan, who also stars in the Slamdance film Doppelganger Paul), ends up stealing more than a few scenes, and makes this movie a must see for all lovers of antisocial misanthropes.


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Date: 1/20/12 Time: 5:30 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Main Screening Room

Date: 1/26/12 Time: 3:30 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Main Screening Room

Comforting Skin Director Derek Franson Still from Comforting Skin Still of Victoria Bidewell in Comforting Skin