Day 0: Thursday, January 17, 2008

Posted January 18, 2008 in
Sundance 2008 or bust!! SLUG Editor, Angela Brown, writer Ryan Powers and I, Erik Lopez walked into the Sundance press office a day before the official start of the Sundance Film Festival to get our press pass and see whether or not anything exciting was going on around town.

After we all acquired our badges, we headed over to Slamdance where we hung out for a second, picked-up our press badges for that and reacquainted ourselves with old friends we see every festival. The great thing about Slamdance is that the dedication of the staff is immense it's nice to see the same face, be recognized by familiar people and continue a great relationship with a great organization. I really enjoy hanging out with the Slamdance crew if for nothing else than the personableness behind the event.

Two passes, an hour and a pitcher of Bobsled Beer later, we successfully set-up a nice mixture of press screenings, parties and panels. As we sauntered off in search of our car and prepared for the movie madness to begin.