Day 1: Friday, January 18, 2008

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(Photo Caption: DJ Aoki at The House of Hype)

Park City is ramping up as the Sundance Film Festival begins with a bang! Everyone's friend, Tom of Myspace, threw a little soiree with Djs Nick Cannon, Steve Aoki, Irie, and Spider on the turntables. The Party was sponsored by Patron, and as a direct result, I missed the 10 p.m. press screening of Fears of the Dark.

(Photo Caption: SLUG Writer, Ryan Powers, poses on the red carpet at the Myspace film party.)

And then the power went out.

All of Main Street went black, and I don't mean like Wesley Snipes, I mean like AC/DC; and the parties came to a standstill. After a few hours of meandering through Park City's awful excuse for a mall, we stepped up our game and hit the Misshapes at the Ray-Ban Rock Bar, downstairs from Maroon 5. Seriously, who buys talent for these events? Maroon 5? Are your fucking kidding me? Ewe. Misshapes played a decent set, a good selection of fresh electro and dance rock, although the mixing itself was a bit too straightforward and sparse for my liking - I really like to see a DJ mix a song up a bit, especially if you have heard it a quadbrazillian times.

(Photo caption: Misshapes wearing Ray-Bans at the Ray-Ban Bar)

Up the street, Helio Sequence put on a great show at the Sub Pop Seattle Party, bringing a taste of independent music to an independent film festival. The sound of the group was a welcome change to the standard jukebox-shit that plays in most of the lounges. A clever mix of electronics, dance based drumming, and sparse guitar made this group stand out amongst the recent drought of the Northwest music scene.

(Photo Caption: Fluff n' Stuff)

We landed one last Private Party with DJ Fluffy and friends and then it was time to pass out.

óRyan Powers

(Photo Caption: Does your Mother know where you are?)