Day 9: Saturday, January 26, 2008

Posted February 15, 2008 in
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I can't believe it's almost over. Everyone gets excited in November for Sundance, and the next thing you know, it's February. Shit, where did the time go? As I rode the shuttle to the Racquet Club for the Awards Ceremony, I thought of all the films I had recently seen and loved; Anvil!, Gonzo, Sunshine Cleaning, and The Last Word. Would any of my favorites win? I'd soon find out.

As I made my way through the countless checkpoints (I just hope no one's wearing rubber gloves up ahead), I finally reached the bash, which happened to be decked out in a Western motif. Buffet tables consisting of southern style food including corn bread, beef skewers, and shredded bbq pork lined the walls on each side. Scantily clad cowgirls danced in covered wagons silhouetted to the audience, and of course, plenty of free alcohol.

Multiple announcements were made to instruct everyone to their seats, but in order to make an effective impact, the open bar was shut down. Wow, that actually worked.

William H. Macy, in a cowboy getup, hosted the event along with an assortment of filmmakers and actors including American Psycho director Mary Harron, The Science of Sleep actor Gael Garcia Bernal, and the always energized marvel Quentin Tarantino posing as presenters. Let the awards begin!

Sundance/NHK International Filmmakers Award: Huacho, Here, Apoptosis, and The Happiest Girl in the World

Honorable Mentions in Short Filmmaking: Aquarium, August 15th, The Crown (La Corona), Oiran Lyrics, Spider, Suspension, and W

Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking: International: Soft

Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking: U.S.: My Olympic Summer & Sikumi (On the Ice)

Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize: Sleep Dealer

World Cinema Cinematography Award: Documentary: Recycle

World Cinema Documentary Editing Award: The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins

World Cinema Directing Award: Documentary: Durakovo: Village of Fools (Durakovo: Le Village Des Fous)

World Cinema Jury Prize: Documentary: Man on Wire

World Cinema Special Jury Prize: Dramatic: Blue Eyelids (Parpados Azules)

World Cinema Cinematography Award: Dramatic: King of Ping Ping (Ping Pongkingen)

World Cinema Screenwriting Award: I Always Wanted to be a Gangster (J'ai Toujours Reve D'etre un Gangster)

World Cinema Directing Award: Dramatic: Mermaid (Rusalka)

World Cinema Jury Prize: Dramatic: King of Ping Pong (Ping Pongkingen)

World Cinema Audience Award: Documentary: Man on Wire

World Cinema Audience Award: Dramatic: Captain Abu Raed

Audience Award: Documentary: Fields of Fuel

Audience Award: Dramatic: The Wackness

Special Jury Prize: Documentary: Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo

Special Jury Prize: Dramatic: The Spirit of Independence: Anywhere, U.S.A.

Special Jury Prize: Dramatic: Work by an Ensemble Cast: Choke

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Documentary: Patti Smith: Dream of Life

Excellence in Cinematography Award: Dramatic: Ballast

(Photo Caption: Ballast - Director and Cast)

Documentary Editing Award: Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired

Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: Sleep Dealer

Directing Award: Documentary: American Teen

(Photo Caption: American Teen Director - Nanette Burstein and Cast and Crew)

Directing Award: Dramatic: Ballast

Grand Jury Prize: Documentary: Trouble the Water

Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic: Frozen River

The 2008 Sundance Film Festival has come to a close, and I'm worn the fuck out! Who knew sitting on my ass for ten days watching movies could put so much wear and tear on the body? I need a vacation.

See Ya Next Year!