Day Five – Practical Horror and Comics

Posted July 27, 2008 in
The last day of Comic Con allowed for a bit more exploring on the convention floor, and some exploration of the comics, sci-fi props, and artwork available for sale. Some of the most rare works are on display but available only for auction - such as Batman #1 (est. $60,000), assorted Star Wars movie props ($3,000 for a stormtrooper laser blaster), and of course the Hoverboard from Back to the Future II (est. $50,000). Not to mention a complete selection of McDonald Land toys. A wide assortment of smaller independent comics were available, I am sure there were some gems, but most of the comics I browsed were fairly amateur in either story or artwork.

Back in the world of sneak peeks, we were allowed to take a look at the upcoming Friday the 13th remake. Directed by the same folks that remade the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this preview looks as gory and frightening as ever. Next up, Wes Craven announced his new film, 25/8, which focuses on a confusing plot regarding forgotten personalities and reincarnation. The film looks to play out as a whodunit as the murderers identity is hidden in the psyche of one of seven teenagers.

The last of the horror series is a film by David Goyer (Blade series, Dark Knight - writer). A young woman fights a demon inside of her, which is really her unborn twin - sort of like The Eye, The Exorcist, or The Ring. The previews had a lot of 'jumpy' scares, but this film will really have to bring it to separate itself from the pack.

After five days of lines, sneak peeks, and homemade costumes, it's time to say good-bye to the wondrous world that is Comic-Con. Time to pack up the light sabers and put away the Battlestar Galactica uniforms. Don't forget to put your phaser's on safety before you leave.

As 125,000 people exit the San Diego Convention Center, one can only wonder how much bigger this event will continue to grow in time. With The Dark Knight reaching the $300 million mark in a record-breaking 10 days (and there's word that James Cameron's #1 money maker Titanic is the next target), it's obvious that comic books and their film adaptations are on the rise no matter how geeky or nerdy it may be. However, there is one fact that is certain...airport security is going to be a bitch with all the battle swords and blasters making their way.

See Ya Next Year!