DAY THEE & FOUR: Sunday/Monday Jan. 23-24, 2005

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Last night I went down to the junction to see Mike Doughty, formerly of Soul Coughing, perform at the Slamdance Opening Party at Clube Suede.
It was pretty cool I guess. The director of "The Dry Spell" took pity on me and gave me a handful of free drink tickets, but he is an hypocrite because he has a (hot) girlfriend and the slogan for his film is "Being Alone Sucks," a button that I wear proudly, albeit somewhat miserably. I did get a free massage there, somewhat of a surrogate for sex. But enough about me.

Today we saw "The Devil and Daniel Johnston", which met expectations except for his recent musical performances suck in a major way. I actually got in trouble during the screening because I was loudly laughing at some of the more tragic moments. Hey, misery loves company. Plus it was interesting that Daniel never got that close to his funeral home girlfriend Laurie, about whom he has written and drawn approximately 10,000 songs and sketches.

This afternoon we saw the SLAMDANCE film, "Tragedy: The Story of Queensbridge, the story of Tragedy Khadafi and other rappers from the infamous QB projects in NYC". Back in 1991 when I was really in to old-school hip-hop, a release entitled Intelligent Hoodlum really enchanted me. Lyrically it was large and I assumed that the purveyor was one of those sellout college-educated MCs. Not so (fragment). It was Tragedy K., a kid who grew up in the QB without knowing his dad and who was kicked out by his junkie mom in his early teens. Later he would influence legions of rappers such as Capone and Noreaga (sic) and the one who made it big who was actually an A-Student (Nas).

[SALMDANCE co-founder Paul Rachman, Director/Writer Booker Sim and producer Malcolm Hearn, answer questions after the second screening of their film'"Tragedy".]

Tragedy gets arrested during the shooting of the film and lots of rappers shoot off their mouths but thankfully not their guns as they wave them in the faces of the filmmakers. And the "Arrest the President" mentality that was so fresh in '91 is strangely relevant today as his new album Still Reportin' is released. There is also this strange coincidence that both of the Presidents have the same last name and are completely fucking things up in the Middle East. (Sorry for the foul language Mom [fragment])

It was preceded by a 6 min. short called "Drummer Wanted", in which a fake band places a classified in the LA weekly looking for a drummer. After several scenes poking fun of the respondents, the guy who wins the gig in the end is a midget with a giant for a roadie. He was amazingly talented and the director mentioned after the screening that the midget is actually a professional studio drummer sponsored by some instrument company.

Tonight I'm going to a School of Rock party featuring Alice "Hey Stupid" Cooper, and Angela is going to a screening of nascent-nihilist (evidently I've been reading the dictionary lately) Miranda July's film down in SLC because for some reason we couldn't quite make the 9:00 am press screening here in PC. And we're interviewing Ms. July tomorrow. I'm quite intimidated. Women that strong and freakishly creative freak me out. In fact, I don't know if I've ever met one. Well, maybe Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses (fragment). But I'm dealing with it. MC Welk out.