DAY TWO: Saturday, January 22, 2005

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[Trash...I mean posters advertsing this week's screenings.]
OK, we saw some movies. I saw Lonesome Jim, which was directed by Steve Buscemi and stars Casey "Don't call me Ben" Affleck and Liv "My dad's lips look good on me" Tyler. It's a bit of a slow mover. I nearly fell asleep during the first reel, but I woke up (prematurely) during a Casey/Liv sex scene and found that the movie has a pretty cool tone.

Casey can act his brother into a paper bag, but that's kind of like saying that Kim Jong-IL hasn't perpetrated as many atrocities as Pol Pot yet. And Liv's performance is good, very earnest, with decent supporting performances all around. It takes place in Ohio or somewhere near the tracks, which is pretty sweet. Listen to Across the Tracks Saturdays from 1-4 pm on KRCL 90.9 FM.

Anyway Casey, I mean lonesome Jim, is all literary and stuff and feels that life is meaningless and stuff. I don't identify with him at all (sarcasm). He suggests to his (film) brother that he should kill himself and so he tries to do so. He tells his mother that maybe some people shouldn't be parents and it seems to hurt her, but not in comparison to her incarceration for Jim's uncle using the family chrome business as a front for drugs. Liv is a single mom nurse. Will this otherwise depressing movie redeem itself commercially with a Hollywood ending? Of course.

I also saw New York Doll, which is truly brilliant. I haven't seen a Mormon as conflicted as Arthur "Killer" Kane since I met Rebecca Vernon. If you don't know about the Dolls, then you don't know shit, and I don't want to deal with it. After the Dolls dissolved, Arthur threw himself out of of a third-story window in the process of estranging himself from his wife and converted to the LDS Church because of an ad he saw in the TV Guide.

After 15 years of riding the shame train to his day job at the LDS Family History Library in L.A., he is invited to do a reunion show with the Dolls in London as part of a music festival put together by Morrissey. The film is chock full of interviews with other rock stars who admired the Dolls, e.g. Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldof, Iggy Pop, Mick Jones and the aforementioned "abstinent" one, and is really slickly put together with animation and a killer soundtrack.

I believe that Director Greg Whitely was a film student at BYU, and he really stumbled onto a perfect subject at the right time in his life. For those Mormons (and non-Mormons) about to rock, this film salutes you. P.S. David Johansen, aka Buster Poindexter, has charisma.

Just a couple of hours ago (Sunday afternoon) I saw a SLAMDANCE film, Commune. It was a story of a bunch of hippies who lived in Northern California in the 70s and went around naked a lot and would never get busted for drugs because they did them so fast that they wouldn't get caught. And they did the whole free love thing, and while it was a great documentary featuring the music of Elliott Sharp; however, I found it repulsive because I hate hippies. Sorry Mom.

Going tonight to see Soul Coughing's Mike Doughty at another SLAMDANCE party. MC Welk out.